Wayne is one of the most well-educated bodyworkers in the D.C, area. If you’ve got a chronic or acute condition in your body, mind, or spirit, visit Wayne to find relief, even transformation. As important as his hands-on expertise are his embodied presence and listening skills. Make several appointments in a row, and then ask for maintenance visits. You will deeply benefit. Your instinctual body will know to trust him.
~ Brigit Viksnins, bodyworker, teacher; alchemicalalignment.com
Wayne is a gifted and skilled practitioner in the art and science of healing. He uses many varied and effective approaches for dealing with pain, illness, and injuries. I am so very grateful to him for the excellent care and treatment I received from him after I broke my shoulder.
~ Harriet, psychotherapist
“Ms. Moore was referred to Mr. Sickels for therapy pertaining to the myofascial/soft-tissue component of her various conditions of neck pain, lower back pain, groin pain, leg pain, and arm and hand pain. Mr. Sickels has specialized knowledge of James Cyriax, M.D. and his branch of orthopedic rehabilitation for myofascial, ligamentous, and joint dysfunction analysis and treatment. Mr. Sickels is the only therapist in the area that has this training, and it has proven effective for Ms. Moore when others did not. Dr. Cyriax’ methods are outlined in his texts on orthopedic medicine and he obtained worldwide recognition for his work in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. His methods are exacting and labor intensive and few therapists will take the time and effort to apply his techniques with the thoroughness necessary. Mr. Sickels is unique in this area in his application of Dr. Cyriax’s techniques, and the clinical results have been excellent.”
~ Mark S. Smith, D.C., professional reference