About me – Professional bio

Mr. Sickels has over 34 years of professional experience in private practice, teaching, and ongoing study in the field of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. He is a specialist in orthopedic assessment skills and the application of deep transverse friction massage for muscle, tendon or ligament injury. He has clinical experience working with mild, moderate and severe injuries, as well as pre & post surgical conditions, joint replacements and scar tissue formation. In addition, Wayne has 19 years of training and practice of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and over 3000 hours of Advanced Training and Continuing Education covering a broad range of methods and conditions.

Most recently he is using very particular training in the use of bodywork for trauma resolution and recovery, to re-establish a sense of safety and resilience in the body, following any sort of “boundary overwhelm”. Bodywork can be very effective to gently shift our physiological systems from more primitive fulcrums of the body’s security system, the unconscious Fight, Flight & Freeze responses, to more conscious, modulated self-regulation and functioning.

Before beginning his private practice, Wayne spent 8 years in the Ministry after completing two graduate degrees in Seminary. For 18 years he has been studying with two Tibetan Buddhist meditation teachers, spending considerable time in silent retreat practice. His therapeutic work is thus deeply informed by an embodied understanding of the power of presencing our experience, and the use of mindfulness/awareness in shifting the landscape of our brains and bodies, a very potent resource when addressing a process of healing and recovery.