The Path of Healing ~ What Matters Most

Whatever happened in the past (injuries, trauma, attachment issues from early development) is in any event past, and we can do nothing about that. That is actually over and gone. What sometimes remains for us are the affects in the present, of incomplete or unmetabolized life experience.

What is far more important than the details of what is past, or even remembering and knowing what may have happened, is how we are responding now to the experience we are having now, and how much awareness, resources & choice can we bring to the event arising in our bodies right now.

That has the potential to overwrite these imprints from our past that continue to affect our sense of security and safety in life, our emotional range and quality of responsiveness (or unresponsiveness), and our capacity to truly respond rather than simply react to present circumstances that trigger us. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition has a very wise instruction about the nature of 'the path', which I think strongly applies to the the path of healing from shock & trauma.

"The obstacles are the path, and the path and the goal are one."

We cannot avoid obstacles and challenges in our lives and bodies. They come with the territory as they say. But how we respond to them, and where we respond from is the heart of the matter of Health, resilience, and recovery.

Hidden within and underneath the conditions of our suffering we will often find the potency of Health and new resources for re-organization and renegotiation. My own experience of trauma and injury, and recovery, has always taught me the most on this journey to understand and engage the process of healing. I continue to apprentice myself to the amazing qualities of inherent Health and Intelligence of the body. It will forever be my teacher.